About Us

D-NOME's Mission

With our innovative molecular reagent technologies, we strive to bring premium diagnostics affordable and accessible to all. Founded in 2021, we envision to bring about out-of-the-box and plug-and-play bio-technologies to life and solve the problems in the diagnostics and healthcare sector. Join hands with us to be the change as the world will change with us, and because of us.


Our Team

We are nerds & proud of it


Divya Sriram, Ph.D

Founder & CEO

PhD Cancer Biology

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Sujoy Deb, Ph.D

Co-Founder & CTO

PhD Stem Cell Biology, Next-Gen Genomics & Molecular Biology

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Gururaj M. Shivashampi, Ph.D


Ex-Merck, Senior Scientist, Product Development

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Advisory Board

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Raja Mugasimangalam, Ph.D

Founder & CEO, Genotypic Technology

An industry leader in Genomics and molecular technologies, Dr Raja with his scientific expertise and business acumen has now joined D-NOME's mission to kick-start the new generation of diagnostics.

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Lalith Kishore


With 17+yrs experience leading product development and sales of molecular biology reagents and healthcare technologies in GE Healthcare, Reprocell, Lalith has joined the wave of next-generation diagnostics with D-NOME.